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X-kote Paint Renewal Systems Inc in Port Moody BC



04 November 2023 13:34

Mark and his team took my 1967 car last minute and made it look amazing. The final product speaks for itself. Thank you team xkote



27 August 2023 16:25

Just called there to see if they could provide some better touch up paint than a touch up pen from dealer. Xkote was able to match it very well and do a professional touch up. I know I wouldn’t have come anywhere close to that result myself. Very impressed with the service and reasonable pricing, Mark is very easy to deal with. Will be back in future



15 July 2023 7:53

My 2011 Grand Caravan was in need of some TLC. The paint had quite a few scraps on it, and the Mango Tango paint had lost its luster. XKote did an amazing job. She's beautiful! Looks like new. Very reasonable in price. I would highly recommend KKote Paint Renewable System



12 June 2023 5:39

Marc and team did an amazing job on my cobra! He was very honest and it came out even better than I was imagining! Well worth it. Thanks again Marc!



16 October 2022 10:06

We just had x kote done on our 2013 jaguar. It is amazing! I never would gave thought our car could ever look so good



08 September 2022 21:07

Marc and his team did a fantastic job on my Audi S5. I'm very happy with how great it looks. Thanks so much!



30 August 2022 13:22

Just had my 2022 Black F-350 ceramic coated and it looks phenomenal. Better than the day I picked it up from the dealership. Great service and reasonably priced, and quality workmanship. Highly recommended. Thank You X-kote.



01 July 2022 21:19

Had been wanting to try this on my BMW for a very long time. As my car was getting very tired looking I decided to finally do it.
Was totally welcomed by the whole crew. Service was very prompt and very professional And Mark totally explained the whole procedure.
. My car looks brand new although it is 15 years old, will definitely be going back for any kind of touch ups.
Is definitely worth the money I spent. Couldn’t get any better professional business to baby my car as I do.
Thanks ever so much Mark and Crew. Will be back………. Sandi.



17 April 2022 21:15

Mark was amazing to deal with and X-kote did a phenomenal job with my Tesla. Marked explained all the options thoroughly and I am so happy with the quality of workmanship and on top of that the price he quoted was very competitive. Will definitely be back and recommend X-Kote to all my family, friends and colleagues.



07 March 2022 8:18

Excellent and knowledgeable staff. Did an awesome job on my Porsche Cayman S
The car is 15 years old and looks brand new! Highly recommend



14 December 2021 12:14

Marc and his crew looked after my 1999 Jaguar extremely well. The job they did made (and makes!) the paint shine pop! I was concerned with my baby being well looked after. They exceeded my expectations. I will heartily recommend them.


25 October 2021 16:28

I was thinking of repainting my car due to all the cleaning swirls from washing it over the years. It's black and definitely was showing the wear. The quote was around $12K to repaint the vehicle. I took it to Marc at X-Cote for a second opinion and WOW! It looked better than when I purchased it 8 years ago. They added some additional touch ups to make sure that it really looked amazing and I couldn't be happier. Cost was less than 10% of the repainting quote. If you are looking to refresh your paint this is the best and most cost effective solution I've found. I would definitely recommend them!



17 October 2021 21:55

I took my car to X-Kote for a couple of dents in the doors and innumerable scratches all over the car. Mark and his team did a fantastic job of restoring the car to its original lustre and beauty.all dent and scratch free. In fact they found about 6 more dents i hadn't seen initially and fixed them all at no extra charge.
Highly recommend X-Kote to bring your vehicle back to brand to its orginal looking paint.

Great job guys



22 September 2021 8:28

Mark and his team fixed a bad deep scratch on my rear hatch quickly and for a great price. Quality of work is top notch. Highly recommended.



13 September 2021 1:28

This is my new go-to source for autobody repairs - quality work, and excellent customer service. Highly recommend this company.



06 September 2021 3:39

Great service, great team, super honest, super timely and if you are reading this call and make an appointment now! Thank you Mark and team!



07 August 2021 14:55

I was apprehensive about bringing in a small job to Xkote, they welcomed it. I had a door dent to get smoothed out they did it for a very reasonable price and even fixed a couple others they found. I highly recommend if you need work come and talk to them.



02 August 2021 21:53

Great Work! Tremendous team, absolutely transformed my Tesla Model 3 that had some deep as well as minor scratches to a glossy shiny and even better than a brand new car paint. Mark - The gentleman at the reception and rest of the team is very good in dealing with customers.
Highly Recommended! Will love to deal with these guys again!



29 July 2021 6:54

Got the chrome trims on my car blacked out and had the x kote put on.car came out looking brand new and was super happy with the work.great price for how it turned out also.will come back for all future touch ups.



21 July 2021 8:02

Took my 2007 Audi S4 in for a clear and ceramic coat and couldn’t be happier with the results! Amazing how the guys at x-kote we’re able to bring new life to a 14 year old original paint job. It turned out amazing and I’d highly recommend Mark snd his team, extremely professional, knowledgeable and punctual. Did exactly what they said they would do and made an old car new again!

Thanks guys!



14 July 2021 3:57

My car is nothing special. But she is my little baby. A 2005 Subaru Impreza with lots of kilometers under her fan belt. She is still in perfect running order but had lots of scratches and looked pretty tired. Now she looks BRAND NEW! Thank you to Mark and his team for a job very well done.



10 July 2021 23:34

Mark, Paul, and the staff at X-Kote in Port Moody go out of their way to provide top notch customer service, on top of an excellent product and result for your vehicle. I couldn't have been more pleased with how my Porsche Cayenne looked when the process was over. An earlier edition model, it was like the clock had turned back and it rolled off the showroom floor. Highly recommend this shop; you WON'T be disappointed. Thanks very much guys!



04 June 2021 13:40

Been going to Marc for all personal and business related paint restorations. Best service and product hands down. Marc is passionate about providing the best quality, and boy he doesn’t fail you. Thanks again Xkote crew.



11 April 2021 3:53

I am glad I took my car to Mark and his team. The results were incredible, and now my "new" 2015 car looks like it just came off the production line. Well done Mark!



21 March 2021 14:50

Marc and his team worked on my car to remove some cement which had got onto the roof and window of my car, I am really pleased with the professional job they did, they are knowledgeable and courteous, highly recommended.



05 March 2021 21:16

It's a wonderful thing when you feel a sense of value for your dollar. I have been taking my cars to X-Kote for about 10 years now. Black cars by nature are difficult to keep pristine, and inevitably will show swirl patterns from washing. Each and every time X-Kote brings the paint as it was off the production line. Great guys, great service.



21 January 2021 7:22

5 STARS ALL AROUND! These guys rock! I took in my Model Y for ceramic coating and had them paint my brake calipers red. I was super impressed with the results and appreciate the customer service they provide for their clients. Great pricing is just a bonus!

I won't go anywhere else. Thank you Marc and Paul for your hard work and commitment to client satisfaction. I will send everyone I know your way!



28 December 2020 5:45

Mark & his team are just great. Dealing with auto-related issues is always a headache.especially when you’ve banged up mom’s car (yikes). Mark’s easy-going, friendly & professional demeanour put me immediately at ease. X-Kote had me in by Monday out by Tuesday. Fast, Friendly & AFFORDABLE! Happy to pay for service, even happier when that service is far above standard and at a hell of a price! Thank You Mark & Team



25 December 2020 8:03

Took the car in about a week ago to have it refreshed. Marc's team was able to fix a sizeable dent in rear quarter panel and had the paint looking like a brand new car. Great work, great price, and great advice. 10/10 would do recommend.



12 December 2020 4:47

They did an amazing job repairing the dents on my car. You can’t see where they were, the fellow I dealt with is so nice and you can tell he has confidence in his workmanship. I have already recommended X Kate to my friends



29 November 2020 14:28

Brought my Lexus car to X-Kote to deal with problems that affected the exterior finish of the hood surface. A tree sap reacted badly with the car's clear coat which may have penetrated the base paint. I tried to extract it myself, but made it worse. There were also visible scratches on the hood and a deep dent by one of the door's shoulder. The car has a particularly special unique colour finish in the Lexus GS model fleet. At X-Kote in Port moody, Marc, the owner, took time to explain to me how he would deal with the problem and apply the paint renewal technology, which he developed, and applied successfully for many years. The system is very effective in renewing the finish. Definitely saves money and time, compared to repainting the whole hood. The job was done in one day. Marc is a good professional and a friendly person, who cares about the result of his work. X-Kote is a highly recommended shop.



28 November 2020 3:50

I had some scratches and scrapes on my car that needed repairs. My wife took the car in & got an estimate (which was very good). We made an appointment, had the work done and when we picked up the car, it was flawless!
Mark was very courteous and professional.
I would go back to Xkote again and highly recommend them.



18 November 2020 6:38

Marc and his team at X-Kote did an incredible job! The paint was peeling all over the car, especially the roof, and they made it look better than brand new. This is definitely the place to go with any car paint issues. I would give more than 5 stars if I could! Before and after pictures.



13 November 2020 4:31

Marc and his team at X-kote take the utmost pride in their work. I couldn’t have been happier when I saw the finished product. I brought my brand new vehicle in to have a ceramic coating done to ensure the paint is protected. I now know that my truck is going to be protected for many years to come. I recommend any of the services X-kote has to offer. Thanks to the team at X-kote for a fantastic job!



07 August 2019 20:46

Took in an older bimmer and they did a great job. Recommended to my friend. Made the car look very modern and new. Excellent attention to detail, and courteous prompt service with a few free extras. They also took out a ding on the side of the car. Very happy with the job and for what I got it was worth it.



20 June 2019 0:15

I have driven past the XKote Shop in Port Moody before and noticed that it specialized in renewing car exteriors.
So, when I recently purchased a used car that had a lot of exterior scratches & some small dents I decided to check them out.
I called, and they said to drop by when it was convenient for me so that they could take a good look at the car and give me an estimate.
I was happy with the price they quoted me so I set up an appointment Took the car in and 24 hours later the car looked AMAZING! Like NEW
They took out the dents, & all the scratches were gone and they even went out of their way to fix a big scuff that was on the bumper.
I would definitely recommend taking your car to Mark & Paul at XKote,



19 June 2019 7:07

Great work and service! Went above and beyond and my car looks like new. Would recommend X-kote - Mark and his TEAM all day long!



12 June 2019 10:53

I had X Kote work on my truck last year before I sold it and after I saw the finish, I didn’t want to sell.
It looked better than brand new.
I did end up selling, bought a new tundra and noticed lots of tiny rust specs so I took that in and again it looks better than new.
I would highly recommend these guys.
Fantastic work!



08 June 2019 14:32

Recently, I brought my red colour 96 Tercel to refresh the paint due to oxidation and paint faded. It turned out like brand new paint. I highly recommend anyone and price is reasonable.



03 June 2019 3:26

I’m a perfectionist and they make sure that perfection is achieved. Thanks for going above and beyond. Highly recommend going to X-Kote Port Moody to make your vehicle look it’s best.



28 May 2019 6:12

Just picked up my 1999 Camero SS. It looks stunning. They did a marvelous job and the price was very affordable. Highly recommend.



30 March 2019 15:20

I dealt with X-kote on two occasions and was impressed with the staff and service. I would recommend them for small scratches and dents. Good quality work.



03 March 2019 20:01

Can’t say enough about the customer service and quality of work received by Marc and his X-Kote team. From start to finish, the experience was thorough and staff were highly attentive to detail. The finished product was basically a “brand new’ized” version of my car. I’ve referred X-Kote to a number of friends for paint renewal and paint repair work as result of an accident, and they’ve all been totally satisfied.



01 March 2019 18:17

Marc and the guys are awesome. Brought my daughters car in to get some scratches fixed and saw what they were doing and I couldn’t believe it.
X-Kote made my daughters car look brand new.
Thanks Marc.



02 February 2019 14:13

Marc and his team have been exceptional at keeping my car liking brand new over the years.
Particularly on my wedding day when I was very distracted pulling out of my garage and scratched the passenger side of my car. Marc was willing to help me right away due to my special day he and the Xkote team not only removed the scratches and made the car look new again but managed to bring my anxiety down and allowed me to focus on getting married. That is exceptional customer service and I highly recommend Xkote if you want your car to look like it came off the showroom floor all the time.



22 January 2019 2:35

Marc at XKote was excellent to deal with I’ve never had my car look so good and stay looking so good with minimal up keep. Highly recommend taking your car to XKote.



20 January 2019 9:31

We have had 2 of our vehicles done at X-Kote in Port Moody and were very impressed by the customer service that we experienced. They were done on time and our vehicles looked incredible afterwards!



19 January 2019 3:34

These guys are awesome. They took my vehicle to the next level. I get great compliments when I stop at the stop lights. They were so professional and the price was excellent. It’s like having a brand new car!

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X-kote Paint Renewal Systems Inc (2024)


How long does X kote last? ›

Xkote is a permanent coating just like the factory coating. It will wear and tear the same as any factory clear coat, and last just as long.

How many clear coats for auto paint? ›

Double Coat: Most automotive professionals recommend applying at least two coats of 2K clear for optimal protection and a good level of gloss. This is considered a standard practice. Additional Coats: If you're seeking an exceptionally glossy finish or extra protection, you can apply three or more coats.

What is the difference between paint protection and paint correction? ›

Paint protection makes exterior maintenance and washing easier, improves the durability of a vehicle's exterior and ensures there are less repairs needed down the road. Paint correction comes into play when there are small scratches, swirling, imperfections or damage on a vehicle's exterior that need to be repaired.

How does clear coat paint work? ›

The clear coat is a layer of transparent paint used to protect the color coat and primer coat of paint from UV rays, oxidation, and damage from harmful contaminants such as acid rain, road tar, road salt and even bird droppings. A high-gloss clear coat also provides your paint with some glassiness.

How long does clear coat take to heal? ›

The clear coat rejuvenates the paint giving it a natural sheen, protecting it from harmful environmental factors that cause wear and tear and saves the paint from scratches. The clear coat drying time on cars is about 12 to 48 hours. That said the paint takes around 30 days to get fully cured.

How long does paint protection coating last? ›

Longevity of PPF is realistically around 5 to 7 years depending on driving conditions, wear and tear, and the method of care. The Self-Healing properties will diminish over time. It's just natural, due to wear and tear.

Is 2 layers of clear coat enough? ›

Do Apply Multiple Layers. Clear coats require multiple layers to cover every area of the paint. And each layer should be smooth and thin. If the clear coat is too thick, you risk paint drips and will not get an even finish.

Do you sand before a clear coat? ›

Preparing the surface for a clear coat involves sanding, cleaning, and priming the surface. Sanding eliminates imperfections, such as dust, dirt, and grime from the surface. This provides a smooth base for the paint to adhere to.

What happens if you apply a second coat of paint too soon? ›

What happens if you apply a second coat of paint too soon? Applying the second coat of paint before letting it dry will result in peeling, clumping, and bubbling that can be time-consuming and expensive to repair. It can also result in an uneven colour, ruining its appearance.

What is the best car paint protection? ›

After considering all the factors above, we recommend combining ceramic coating and paint protection film for the best vehicle paint protection in 2023. Ceramic coating provides durable, long-lasting protection against damage and enhances the vehicle's appearance.

Why is paint correction so expensive? ›

The cost can vary depending on factors such as the condition of the paint and the skill level of the professional performing the service.

Why is clear coat so expensive? ›

Basically, solids (the resins used in clearcoats) cost more than solvents; as much as 20 times more. So, the higher the solids of the clearcoat at application, the higher the cost will be in the can. There is actually a “double whammy” involved with higher solids.

What happens if you paint over clear coat? ›

Painting over an automotive clear coat will leave to subpar paint job since the paint cannot adequately adhere to the surface. Fortunately, you do not have to remove the entire layer of clear coat to repaint your car. If your car has a clear coat, simply scuff the area you want to paint.

How many coats of clear is enough? ›

Regarding clear coating, wait for the paint to dry completely, which can take anywhere from 24-48 hours depending on the paint and environmental conditions. Apply 2-3 coats of clear coat, allowing 10-15 minutes of drying time between each coat.

How long does Diamond Kote paint protection last? ›

Take advantage of Diamond Kote NanoCeramic's 10-year guarantee, providing you with indefinite protection and a one-time application.

How long does final coat last? ›

The Last Coat can be applied to your car or truck in as little as 20 minutes, no matter the age or shape you're in. It lasts on average 4-6 months, and requires no special experience. It's as easy as...

How long does it take for CanCoat Evo to cure? ›

A minimum of 12 hours for CanCoat is recommended (24 hours for certainty) of avoiding moisture. Proper cure time for most coatings also means not washing the car for a week.

How long does underdog coating last? ›

The coating will last for multiple years, depending on how you take care of the vehicle. The best way to do that is to bucket wash it once a week.

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