Who is Salem’s oldest resident? - Merrimack Valley Life (2024)

The Town of Salem is on the lookout for the oldest resident, and the deadline for nominations is July 15.

Salem Senior Services is hoping to identify Salem’s oldest resident to award him or her the distinctive honor of receiving the Boston Post Cane, a century-old tradition started by the now-defunct Boston Post newspaper.

Records show that imported ebony canes crowned with I4-karat gold were first distributed to selectmen in hundreds of New England towns. They were instructed to keep passing it down to the oldest living resident as a sign of respect.

Over time, both the program and cane were lost in Salem.

In May 2005, Salem Senior Services and the Salem Council on Aging decided to revive the Boston Post Cane program. The Council on Aging underwrote the cost to have a replica cane produced and engraved. There have been several proud recipients since it was re-established.

Anyone who believes they know the appropriate Salem resident should notify Salem Senior Services and/or complete a nomination form on their behalf. The deadline for nominations is July 15.

Here are the eligibility requirements:

The holder of the cane must be at least 90 years of age, reside in the Town of Salem, and have been a resident for a minimum of 20 years. The term “resident” refers to a person who has physically resided at a permanent and principal home in the town and/or at a nursing home or assisted-living facility.

The recipient will retain this honor and custody of the cane will remain in the possession of the cane holder until his/her passing, at which time a responsible person will return the cane to the Ingram Senior Center. The cane shall not leave Salem. If the recipient moves outside of town, it is understood by the recipient that the cane will be stored at the Ingram Senior Center. The cane will not be awarded to any other person while the recipient is still living, even though another resident may become eligible. Should the eldest citizen choose to not receive the title, the recognition will be made to the next eldest eligible citizen who wishes to hold the title.

Nominees must provide valid identification and proof of residency.

Kicking off summer with BBQ

The Ingram Senior Center is celebrating summer with our Kickoff to Summer BBQ! On June 24, the seniors will be enjoying hamburgers, chicken and salad followed by a concert sponsored by The Kelley Library.

In July, we will be collaborating with Rockingham Nutrition/Meals on Wheels for two events. We will have an outdoor picnic July 18 and celebrate National Hot Dog Day on July 23. More information about these events and when to register will be in our July newsletter.

Aug. 2-9 will be our annual Anniversary Celebration/Tournament Week. Details about this fun week will be in our July newsletter as well.

If you’re looking for outdoor activities, we offer:

Horseshoes: Thursdays, 8:30am-noon. Horseshoe pits are located at the end of the Senior Center parking lot. You are always welcome to play anytime. Bring your own horseshoes or borrow ours at the front desk.

Pickleball: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8am-noon on Courts 3 and 4. Play is at the town tennis courts on Lawrence Road, next to Mary Queen of Peace Church.

Tennis: Tuesday and Thursday, 8-10am (mid-June, 7:30-10am). Play mixed-doubles at the town courts on Lawrence Road. Fun, non-competitive, for anyone with some level of experience (no lessons given).

Register at the Front Desk of the Ingram Senior Center for any of these activities.

Movies in the Multipurpose Room: Our monthly movies will be Wednesday, June 26 and July 31 at 12:30pm. We will be showing “Arthur the King” in June and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3” in July. There is an optional pizza lunch that you can purchase for $4; the movie and popcorn are free.

Program schedule changes and closings: The Ingram Senior Center will be closed Thursday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day. Fitness Fun, Bible Study and Grief Share will take a break for the summer and resume after Labor Day. Line Dancing on Wednesdays will be changing to a punch-card system. You may purchase 1, 3, 5 or 8 classes. Punch cards will be given to the instructor upon purchase and be punched when class is attended. Prices are $5 for 1 class, $15 for 3, $25 for 5 and $40 for 8.

We offer many other programs and events which can be found in our newsletter. Printed copies are available at the Senior Center or a digital version on the town website: www.salemnh.gov/.

You can view our newsletter on the Town of Salem’s webpage under the Senior Services Division page www.salemnh.gov/416/Senior-Services-Division.

Don’t forget to visit our Off-Broadway Thrift Shop inside the Ingram Senior Center, which is open to the public Monday Thursday, 9am-2:30pm and Friday, 9am-2pm. Clean, smoke- and mildew-free donations (home décor, in-season clothing, shoes, jewelry, puzzles, softcover books) are always gratefully appreciated.

Did you know that the Ingram Senior Center loans out medical equipment? Inventory varies, so it’s best to call ahead to see if we have what you need.

To participate at the Ingram Senior Center, you must be 60-plus years of age and a Salem resident. Membership is free to Salem residents.

Ingram Senior Center is located at 1 Sally Sweets Way, Salem. Phone: (603)890-2190.

Who is Salem’s oldest resident? - Merrimack Valley Life (2024)
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