The 15 Best Trendy Places in Flushing, Queens (2024)

1.T-swirl Crêpe


40-08 Union St (btwn Roosevelt & 41st Ave), Flushing, NY

Creperie · Downtown Flushing · 10 tips and reviews

Jiantan Lin:I try the NY blueberry cheesecake, the crepe are crispy and tender same time ,fresh food and tasty!

Andy Lin:The crepes here are OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Beautiful, simple and most importantly DELICIOUS😍😍

Puu Kampolratana:Thin crispy crepe with many selection. I had mine with mango, strawberry, and creme. It was so good.

2.Cafe de Cupping


150-17 Northern Blvd, Flushing, NY

Coffee Shop · 37 tips and reviews

Patrick Nam:Intelligentsia in flushing!!! Hip hip hooray! Bout time!

Danley Hu:A ultra trendy and quiet cafe spot. Great for an afternoon coffee or tea while reading or studying. Red velvet latte is raved about here. It was good but a little too sweet

Sam:First time here, this place has a very nice atmosphere, friendly people and awesome ice cream and sweets!

3.Mad For Chicken


15718 Northern Blvd (btwn 157th & 158th St), Flushing, NY

Korean Restaurant · 72 tips and reviews

Richie Stark:The half and half wings, Parmesan fries, solid beer (Brooklyn blast) and sports make this a great place to spend a few hours on a weekend afternoon.

Rita L:love their half and half wings and finish the meal with a frozen yogurt. Nak gee is pretty interesting too! squid with kimchi and udon

Rebecca Li:Slow service. They forgot about my yogurt dessert and gave it to me when it looked like sh*t already. Should've made me another one. What's up with that.

Kimmie Ohh:Their seafood pancakes are delicious - this is coming from someone who isn’t a huge seafood fan! The meats are super fresh, too! Service is very friendly & helpful!

Bee Williams:Best place for Korean BBQ! They have lots of quality meat to cook up and serve for you! Gravity Soju is a must try! If you like soju you're going to like it even more at Jongro.

Joan Park:best prices for korean bbq if you don't mind lack of ban-chan.

5.Xi'an Famous Foods


41-10 Main St (btwn 41st Ave & 41st Rd), Flushing, NY

Chinese Restaurant · 92 tips and reviews

jeannie:Get the spicy & tingly squid skewers!

Tasting Table:Don’t miss the ripped bits of flatbread boiled in lamb-bone broth. It may look like gray mop water, but it tastes like pure comfort: Read more.

Time Out New York:This downtown-meets-Chinatown den pleases both Instagram-happy young’uns and Mandarin-fluent grannies. Winner of the 2013 Best Second Act award, as the sophom*ore effort from Xi’an Famous Foods. Read more.

6.Happy Lamb Hot Pot, Flushing


136-59 37th Ave (btwn 138th & Union St.), Flushing, NY

Hotpot Restaurant · 51 tips and reviews

Mindy:Great spot for filling meals all year round!

Serious Eats:The Queens branch of the international hot pot chain. If it's your first time, get the half-and-half broth: part mild, part spicy.

debz:Authentic Chinese hot pot. Authentically horrendous service.

7.Iki Modern Japanese Cuisine


133-42 39th Ave Bldg H04, Flushing, NY

Japanese Restaurant · 6 tips and reviews

Andy Tao:Get the tonkotsu don set for lunch. It's a great deal!

Chi Nguyen:catered to the Flushing community who want high-end quality sushi. Do omakase, sit at the bar. Prepare for lots of quality Japanese food fusion with Chinese and knowledge from the staff!

Bill Lam:Fresh uni, good service.

8.Mister Hotpot


133-42 39th Ave Unit 2G, Flushing, NY

Hotpot Restaurant · 14 tips and reviews

Tiffany:Really fresh seafood and the beef was so good too. They also have pretty good broth as well. Overall an amazing experience!

Andy Tao:Get the pork bone soup base

Vivian Kong:Larger space, larger menu. Don't forget to make a reservation.

9.Spring Shabu Shabu Buffet


136-20 38th Ave Fl 2, Flushing, NY

Hotpot Restaurant · 49 tips and reviews

ZenFoodster:A "Chinese" Thanksgiving dinner w/ my family @ this clean $17pp Korean-run AYCE shabu shabu buffet. Start w/ a soup base: pork bone, veggie & dashi (fish) were all good. End w/ ton of food in ur tummy

Joan Park:i would be completely satisfied without ordering seafood/meat and just sticking with the base option. one bite of each noodle, veggie and fish cakes at the endless buffet will fill you up.

Julia Kwan:I love this place more than room for ice cream🍦

10.Paris Baguette


136-17 39th Ave (at 138th St), Flushing, NY

Bakery · 74 tips and reviews

Jinna W:Get the "Iced Chocolate" on the drinks menu. It's a bit pricier than the others, but toally worth it!

Angela:Try their mini milk pudding! The bottles are so neat. $2.50 a bottle - they're worth a try!

Janet M.:The consistency of the Royal Pudding was more watery that I expected, but it was still pretty good. It isn't too sweet and it comes in the cutest glass jar.

11.Coffee Factory


40-18 150th St (at Barton Pl), Flushing, NY

Coffee Shop · 5 tips and reviews

David Dehoney:Ice coffee is great, smooth and velvety (like blue bottle, much better than sbux)

James L:Across the street from the LIRR. Lots of outlets. Stumptown coffee. Sink is outside the bathroom.

Ailie Chang:Their shaved ice is absolutely delicious! Best one I've tasted. If you have a large group, grab the table in the backroom.

12.Alley 41 蜀巷


136-45 41st Ave, Queens, NY

Szechuan Restaurant · Downtown Flushing · 13 tips and reviews

Eddy Tao:I recommend getting their pork dumplings and beef burrito for start. sliced pork belly, spicy chicken, black fungus with Yam for entrees and finish with their yogurt green tea.

Suki Soo:Awesome staff and service, food were very tasty. Will come back again for the干锅spicy chicken + pumpkin cake.

Eddy Tao:One of the hidden jewels of Queens

13.Gong Cha


136-20 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing, NY

Bubble Tea Shop · 12 tips and reviews

Justin Ordoveza:The earl grey milk tea with boba, herbal jelly and pudding is delicious. You can adjust the amount of ice and the level of sweetness of your drink.

Sam Lamba:best bubble tea ever.....try Milk foam with green tea

Corley Stone:Pearl milk tea was a bomb basic bubble tea. Hit the spot

14.Palazzo (파라쪼)


154-17 Roosevelt Ave (154th St, Roosevelt Ave), Flushing, NY

Bar · 1 tip

Dong W Kim:grill chicken is the best

15.OK Ryan


4104 College Point Blvd (41st Ave.), Flushing, NY

Chinese Restaurant · 19 tips and reviews

Eddy Tao:Get the homemade tofu, salt and pepper pork, and the three cup chicken

Jonathan Tam:The taiwanese salt and pepper chicken over rice here is really good. :)

Devonta:The General Tso's Chicken was amazing with shrimp fried rice. Our server was a nice young lady. The restaurants decor is dated.

The 15 Best Trendy Places in Flushing, Queens (2024)
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