The 15 Best Restaurants in Flushing, Queens (2024)

1.Haidilao Hotpot


138-23 39th Ave (Union St), Flushing, NY

Hotpot Restaurant · Flushing · 5 tips and reviews

Ruthie Edwards:Outstanding service! Andrew & Kevin made our experience really amazing, bringing us extra treats and whipping up unique sauces.

D C:get here early if a weekend night. They ran out of tables already at 6pm when I went on a Sunday.

Haidilao Hotpot:Projecting grand opening to be mid July.

2.Pizza Garden


171-01 Northern Blvd (171st Street), Flushing, NY

Pizzeria · 8 tips and reviews

Ava Lu:the rice ball is fantastic, service is great, definitely a must and recommended.


Rich Kidd:I'm a Brooklynite, home of the real PIZZA, but I gotta say... This place makes good pizza, not the best but good. I'll come here again.

3.Shanghai You Garden


135-33 40th Rd, Flushing, NY

Shanghai Restaurant · 40 tips and reviews

Rachel Leigh:Soup dumpling with Crab meat - out of this world! And you also should try the beef with udon noodles - delicious !

Rami Haykal-Manning:Get the crab meat soup bun and the soy sauce duck

Autumn Choi:Xiao long baos

Ezra Pollard:Friendly, unique and delicious w/ must eat dosa. (Tucked away in the basem*nt of a temple)

Serious Eats:The basem*nt canteen at this temple makes New York's best dosas and some excellent homestyle south Indian food. All vegetarian, all very cheap.

Eric:Make sure you know what you want, since there's no menu behind the counter haha!

5.White Bear 白熊


135-02 Roosevelt Ave (at Prince St), Flushing, NY

Dumpling Restaurant · 165 tips and reviews

Jen W:their spicy wontons are awesome, a must when there! if you have room get the dumplings which are sold out most of the time, and the dan dan noodles

Serious Eats:You go here for one thing: pork wontons in hot oil (no. 6). The thin wonton skins hold a delicate filling; mild chili oil and preserved vegetable topping make this one of the best dumplings in NYC.

Village Voice:Get the notorious #6 wontons with hot sauce for only $4.50…what a steal!

6.Spring Shabu Shabu Buffet


136-20 38th Ave Fl 2, Flushing, NY

Hotpot Restaurant · 49 tips and reviews

Kong Tse:Awesome place, the best for shabu shabu buffet, you really don't need the extras. The buffet has a great selection and variety.

Joan Park:i would be completely satisfied without ordering seafood/meat and just sticking with the base option. one bite of each noodle, veggie and fish cakes at the endless buffet will fill you up.

Julia Kwan:I love this place more than room for ice cream🍦

7.Joe’s Steam Rice Roll


136-21 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing, NY

Cantonese Restaurant · Downtown Flushing · 19 tips and reviews

Dustin Lee:Best cheung fun I had outside of Hong Kong!

Kerryn Unger:Steamed rice roll was delicious

Judy Triebwasser:ordered the steamed rice roll with barbecued pork. each rice roll is made to order.

8.Mad For Chicken


15718 Northern Blvd (btwn 157th & 158th St), Flushing, NY

Korean Restaurant · 72 tips and reviews

Julia Leung:budae jungol and half&half wings and the La Poutine fries with gravy are to die for.

Rita L:love their half and half wings and finish the meal with a frozen yogurt. Nak gee is pretty interesting too! squid with kimchi and udon

Rebecca Li:Slow service. They forgot about my yogurt dessert and gave it to me when it looked like sh*t already. Should've made me another one. What's up with that.

9.Chong Qing Lao Zao


37-04 Prince St, Flushing, NY

Hotpot Restaurant · Downtown Flushing · 3 tips and reviews

Ami H.:Very cool vintage Chongqing ambience really transports. Temp✔sand good spacing. Top quality broths, meat and veg. Gizzards, beef tendon, just everything was super tasty and service was attentive.

David Driscoll:Amazing hot pot in the world’s cutest setting. Love the decorative touches inside and out.

Jason Su:Great spicy hot pot. High quality meat.

10.Peking Duck Sandwich Stall


40-28 Main St (40th Rd), Flushing, NY

Asian Restaurant · 16 tips and reviews

Mayra Amaya:My first time here I had the Peking duck buns which are like duck tacos -- really amazing! Highly recommended.

Jenn:Peking duck sandwiches for only $1! The perfect snack.

James Iha:Try the duck sandwich

11.Mapo BBQ


14924 41st Ave (at 149th Pl), Flushing, NY

Korean Restaurant · 34 tips and reviews

Anthony Hugh:Wow. Get the Mapo Kalbi. So good!

Martin Mata:Charcoal grills take Korean BBQ to the next level.

Vivian Vo:Galbi & pork belly 👌

12.Tong Sam Gyup Goo Yi Restaurant


16223 Depot Rd, Flushing, NY

Korean Restaurant · 11 tips and reviews

Serious Eats:An order of samgyeopsal (pork belly) comes as two generous slabs to an order and includes all you care to eat fixings.

Village Voice:The naengmyun are delicious glassy buckwheat noodles similar to Japanese soba, but more pliable and delicate. They're always served in a chilled broth and here, in a bowl made of ice!

Julia Wu:Honestly, this place is only pretty ok. I would only come back to try the octopus on the grill but otherwise, go to Han Joo for everything including the naeng myun. The pork belly is decent&no frills.

13.Dae Sung Restaurant


45-14 162nd St, Flushing, NY

Korean Restaurant · 12 tips and reviews

Angela:Small & cozy place. Try their haemul soondubu sujebi (seafood tofu and wide cut noodles) and haemul okonomi pajeon (japanese seafood pancake). So delicious! Your taste buds will be yearning for more.

Peter Yhun:Seafood pancake and all the noodle options

Jihyun Lee:Oko pancake

14.Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao 南翔小籠包


3916 Prince St (at 39th Ave), Flushing, NY

Dumpling Restaurant · Downtown Flushing · 16 tips and reviews

Alie Jimenez:Classic soup dumplings are a staple, but everything on the menu is great!

Karen Dugan:Get the Sos sampler Soup buns. They’re all delicious.

Natalie LeMoss:Great soup dumplings and fried pork dumplings. Yummy teas. We get it to go and eat in the park when it’s too busy

15.Dosa Hutt


4563 Bowne St (at Holly Ave.), Flushing, NY

Indian Restaurant · 27 tips and reviews

Josica 🦔:If you want something lighter than a dosa, try the vadai with some masala chai. Staff is amazing. 🙌🏽

Sneha Amin:Best Dosa Best Price in Queens!

Moses Chung:Vegetarian Indian. Not bad!

The 15 Best Restaurants in Flushing, Queens (2024)
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