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What makes a great resume?

What’s a resume builder?

The 16 best resume builders

Choosing a resume builder: 5 tips

Prepare for your dream job

A resume is often a potential employer’s first impression of you. But unlike a face-to-face meet and greet, this document has to hype you up almost immediately.

On average, recruiters spend seven seconds deciding whether a resume goes in the “Yes” or “No” pile. The perfect resume quickly tells a hiring manager what they need to know to make this decision.

An excellent way to ensure your resume catches a recruiter's attention is with an effective design that isn’t too crowded. If you’re not a graphic design whiz, a resume-building platform is the best way to create this document fast.

Here’s more about the qualities of a great resume and some of the best resume builders so you can choose the right one for you.

What makes a great resume?

A great resume summarizes your skills, education, and experience. It’s a straightforward document that’s easy to follow and gives readers a good first impression of your background.

A cluttered resume reflects poorly on important traits such as attention to detail, organizational skills, and communication skills. That may cost you an interview, and it also increases the chance that applicant tracking systems (ATS) can’t understand or analyze your resume effectively.

When you upload a resume, most companies use an ATS to filter applicants based on details like specific soft or hard skills or keywords like “communicative” or “ambitious.” If this document isn’t clear, concise, and organized, the tracker might dismiss your qualified application.

Hiring managers also often sort through hundreds of candidates, so being as clear and concise as possible is essential. A resume differs from a curriculum vitae (CV), which is a detailed explanation of your career and academic history. Instead, a resume should focus on the highlights most relevant to the job you’re applying for. Keep this in mind when prioritizing clarity and consistency.

Certain qualities are worth including to make a resume stand out. Your resume should also be up-to-date, descriptive, and specific. You may have to demonstrate those skill proficiencies or career accomplishments in an interview, so always include accurate information.

What’s a resume builder?

An online resume builder is an interactive platform that allows you to build from resume templates. Most online resume makers offer several customization options and professional templates to guide you through the writing process and follow key dos and don’ts.

Depending on the platform’s interactive features, pricing ranges from free resume templates for basic documents to paid services for more customizable features. Before you choose one, decide what you’re looking for and what you want to prioritize. If you’re a graphic designer looking to show off your creativity, more detailed or colorful templates might be a key selling point for you.

The 16 best resume builders

Job seekers have a variety of resume builders at their disposal. Here are six of our favorites, with pros and cons to help you decide which is best for you:

1. Zety

Zety offers 18 professional resume templates highlighting different color palettes, types of resumes such as chronological and functional resumes, and bar graphs and infographics to give your skills a visual element.

The platform is excellent for people without an existing resume or who want to start from scratch. The site walks you through the entire process, prompting you to include essential information in every section with tips to write more effectively. There are also cover letter and CV templates so you can finish every document in the same place.

Pros: Zety has intuitive ease of use, with plenty of helpful tips to write compelling job descriptions and optimize your skills and experience.

Cons: Zety’s free plan only allows you to download your resume in a TXT file and charges for different file types. Some templates also use graphics or colors incompatible with ATS.

Best Resume Builders: Create a Stand-Out Application (3)

2. My Perfect Resume

My Perfect Resume is excellent for more experienced resume writers. While it offers dozens of resume formats with different styles, you can also start from scratch with a blank template or edit an existing resume.

There’s also a feature that suggests ATS-optimized language for work experience and skills to help you get through automated resume-reading programs. And if you’re stuck, you can work with one of My Perfect Resume’s experts to perfect your writing.

Pros: It’s easy to use and has a responsive chat feature to walk you through the process. The platform also has additional resume sections like certifications, social media, or public speaking experiences that benefit entry-level workers with less background.

Cons: The free version lets you download your resume in a TXT file. To download a DOCX or PDF, you must sign up for a 14-day trial.

3. Canva

Canva has a free resume builder feature with hundreds of templates from graphic designers with a flair for the creative. Although this platform is meant for people in any industry, it's ideal for those looking to express themselves through visual design.

Pros: It’s infinitely customizable with an expansive library of fonts, text sizes, and colors, and includes photo editing capabilities to crop and add filters. Canva also allows you to edit and save multiple versions to build new resumes for different jobs.

Cons: Canva doesn’t offer the option to upload your resume, so you must start from scratch. Many fonts and templates also aren’t ATS-friendly.

Best Resume Builders: Create a Stand-Out Application (4)

4. offers 18 classic resume templates emphasizing clean and simple design. Job seekers going after more senior positions or in more corporate or formal industries, like law, accounting, or engineering, might find to be a great option.

Pros: The platform is easy to use, intuitive, and has hundreds of examples to give you ideas for your resume. It also suggests action verbs and phrases that vary based on your job title and includes a built-in grammar checker.

Cons: You can’t modify the templates. The free version of allows you to download your resume in a TXT file. To download a DOCX or PDF, you have to sign up for a seven-day trial.

5. LiveCareer

LiveCareer has a selection of around 30 resume templates that professional job recruiters have screened and approved. The platform's templates emphasize clean organization and straightforward design, and you can customize the colors to make them a little more personal.

LiveCareer is designed for social media sites, and you can upload your resume directly to your LinkedIn profile.

Pros: This resume builder software allows you to import your own resume to edit directly, so you don't have to re-enter all your information to use the platform's tools.

Cons: LiveCareer requires you to sign up for a trial package to download your document.

Best Resume Builders: Create a Stand-Out Application (5)

6. Resume Genius

Resume Genius is a free resume builder with a selection of conventional-looking templates. The platform is easy to use and ideal for job seekers applying for more senior, corporate, or specialized positions.

Pros: Resume Genius has 50,000 pre-written bullet points for every industry, making it easier to sell your skills — like active listening or trustworthy leadership — when you lack inspiration. You can also download DOCX or PDF files.

Cons: Resume Genius has limited visual components.

7. has several straightforward templates, all of which are free. The platform is user-friendly, with resume examples from various industries and job levels to guide your design.

Pros: The platform partners with Indeed, which is one of the top job sites in the world. You can access both services with a single account, allowing you to upload your resume to Indeed’s website easily.

Cons: While the platform boasts specialized templates for different job markets, free templates have a basic design and little variation. For creatives, the basic layouts may not stand out from other candidates.

8. Kick Resume

Kick Resume stands out from other resume builder sites for its AI-powered system that helps you string together the right words. The platform simplifies the process by providing a first draft, letting you quickly create a competitive resume.

Pros: It has more than 400 job-specific resume and cover letter examples from human resource and design experts. A resume checker service, designed by recruiters, compares your resume to successful job seekers’.

Cons: The platform's most advanced features require a monthly membership.

9. Jobscan

Jobscan is a job-hunting service that doubles as a resume builder focused on optimizing your resume and cover letters to past ATS. It shows you exactly how searchable and accessible your resume is, giving unique insight into how recruiters might react.

Pros: This resume checker lets you analyze your resume against your target job application and how it’ll perform on an ATS.

Cons: JobScan isn’t a comprehensive resume builder. It’s best for optimizing your existing resume. Be sure to take word suggestions with a grain of salt to avoid creating a resume full of relevant keywords but lacking cohesive writing.

10. CakeResume

Cake Resume stands out from other resume builders for its free online portfolio builder, ideal for creatives who need eye-catching design across materials. The platform has an extensive library of career advice articles and step-by-step tutorials to perfect your writing, like how to build a 3D artist portfolio, write a career objective, or include teamwork skills.

Pros: The resume builder is highly customizable without sacrificing usability.

Cons: The free plan only includes a single resume. Active job seekers will need to sign up for a quarterly subscription to tailor resumes to different job postings.

11. Adobe Express

You might know Adobe for its creative design platforms like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom. But Adobe Express’ resume builder allows you to add the same eye for design without being an expert in traditional design programs.

Pros: The resume builder has a wide selection of fonts, colors, and templates to capture your personal brand within a one-page resume.

Cons: Job seekers in less creative industries may find the service overwhelming and unnecessary.

12. NovoRésumé

NovoRésumé’s customizable templates are excellent for resume writing novices or non-tech-savvy job seekers who want to create unique, design-forward resumes. Despite its many customization options, the platform is intuitive.

Pros: Customizations like resume icons, spacing, and color create dynamic resumes that can still get through an ATS. Live feedback walks you through a step-by-step process to help you avoid writer’s block.

Cons: Novo Résumé only offers a downloadable PDF. Double-check the hiring manager’s preferences (like a Microsoft Word format) to ensure compatibility.

Best Resume Builders: Create a Stand-Out Application (6)

13. VisualCV

VisualCV is the world’s top resume and CV builder, with more than 4 million users. It’s a straightforward, user-friendly platform with ready-made templates and analytic tools to help you craft a competitive resume.

Pros: The platform allows you to build your own resume or CV from scratch or import an existing one to edit. You can also share it on social media quickly and manage several resumes for different job applications.

Cons: The best features, like building several resumes and accessing analytics, are only available with a premium account.

14. Do You Buzz

Do You Buzz is an excellent choice for resume-writing beginners. It breaks the writing process down into clear section-by-section instructions. With a $4.90 monthly premium subscription, you can join live video workshops to get the best out of your resume.

Pros: The live resume writing service helps you make the most out of the platform.

Cons: Do You Buzz offers 15 templates, meaning there’s little variation in style and design.

15. Indeed

It makes sense that Indeed, the world’s largest job site, has its own resume builder. If you use Indeed for job searching, this is a convenient way to upload your resume to your existing account.

Pros: The platform is free and easy to use with simple formatting.

Cons: There are just sight templates with no options to customize different sections. For example, the education section doesn’t allow you to differentiate between types of degrees like a BS or BA.

16. Resume Now

Resume Now has over 900 real resume examples reviewed by professional resume writers. Once you find the industry-relevant option that inspires you, the platform customizes it to your needs.

Pros: Thousands of pre-written phrases help you find the right words to catch a hiring manager’s eye. Extra features like corrections from a human resume reviewer can help you craft the perfect resume.

Cons: What is and isn’t included in free and paid plans may confuse some users, according to reviews.

Choosing a resume builder: 5 tips

The right resume for you depends on what types of jobs you’re applying for and what you want to highlight —whether skills, experiences, or professional accomplishments. Consider the following when picking a platform:

  1. Price: If you’re looking for a free online resume builder, pay careful attention to the fine print. Many free services only offer downloads in file types that recruiters don't want — like plain TXT files. Check the pricing for other options before spending hours designing a resume.
  2. Functionality: A great resume fits the job you’re applying for. Choose a platform that allows you to easily edit and download various resumes.
  3. Design: A digital designer will likely want a different template than a recent law graduate. Based on your industry or the company you’re applying to, decide whether you want a clean and straightforward resume design or a template with more visual embellishments. Choose a site with templates most suitable to those needs.
  4. Consistency: Most resume-building services provide cover letter builders and CV templates. If your job search requires all three, choose a platform where the aesthetic is consistent for each document.
  5. Customization: If you’re an entry-level job seeker, look for resume builders that allow you to customize different sections like certifications, honors and awards, or professional skills to bolster your resume.

Prepare for your dream job

You’ve got the experience, demeanor, and skills necessary to handle the job. The best resume builders can help you deliver this information effectively.

Tailor this document to company values and the job description, using a more visually creative or basic resume design when applicable. This will help your resume stand out from the crowd, increasing your chances of getting an interview. That means you’re one step closer to applying for — and hopefully starting — your dream job.

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Ace your job search

Explore effective job search techniques, interview strategies, and ways to overcome job-related challenges. Our coaches specialize in helping you land your dream job.

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Published November 27, 2023

Best Resume Builders: Create a Stand-Out Application (2024)


How can you make your resume stand out from other applications? ›

How to make your resume stand out
  1. Understand what the hiring manager is looking for. ...
  2. Tailor it to your industry and the job you're applying for. ...
  3. Include a header and summary or objective. ...
  4. Add pertinent skills. ...
  5. Keep it concise. ...
  6. Make it visually appealing. ...
  7. Submit a cover letter. ...
  8. Proofread.
Jan 8, 2024

How to make a resume that stands out? ›

Quick Resume Tips:

Use the position description to decide what to include. Pick a standard and consistent format. Describe your experiences with specificity and strong action verbs. Record accomplishments and contributions, not just responsibilities.

What is the best application to make a resume? ›

10 Best Resume Apps for iPhone & Android in 2023
  • Kickresume: AI Resume Builder.
  • Canva: Design, Photo & Video.
  • Microsoft Word.
  • Google Docs.
  • Quick Resume Pro.
  • Resume Builder by Nobody.
  • Resume Builder: PDF Resume App.
  • Perfect Resume.
Oct 26, 2023

Which resume builder is best? ›

Our Picks
  • See at Best free resume builder. ...
  • See at Resume Genius. Best option for your first resume. Resume Genius. ...
  • See at Indeed. Easiest resume builder to use. Indeed Resume Builder. ...
  • See at CV Engineer. Most affordable paid resume builder. ...
  • See at Resume Star 2: Pro CV Designer. Best free iOS resume builder.
5 days ago

How do I make myself stand out as an applicant? ›

Here are 11 actions you can take to help you stand out during an interview:
  1. Research the company. ...
  2. Wear bold colors. ...
  3. Arrive early for your interview. ...
  4. Showcase your strengths and areas for improvement. ...
  5. Describe your accomplishments. ...
  6. Give them samples of previous projects. ...
  7. Present a 30-60-90 day plan. ...
  8. Ask unique questions.
Jun 9, 2023

How far back should a resume go? ›

As you move through your career, the rule of thumb is to include only the most recent 10 to 15 years of job experience. This article will guide you through exactly how far back your resume should reach.

How to make your CV standout? ›

"One of the best ways to make your CV stand out is through showing your personality," Reed says. "Your CV should be the one document where you shout about all your impressive achievements. It's natural to undersell yourself when writing your CV, however recruiters want to see what the person is like behind the words."

What is an ATS resume? ›

What is an applicant tracking system? An applicant tracking system - or ATS, for short - is a type of resume scanning software used by recruiters and employers during the hiring process to collect, sort, scan, and rank the job applications they receive for their open positions.

How to make a resume stand out visually? ›

1 Choose a simple and professional layout. The layout of your resume should be clear, consistent, and organized. Avoid using too many colors, fonts, or graphics that might distract or confuse the reader. Use white space, margins, and headings to create a hierarchy of information and guide the eye.

What resume template is most successful? ›

There are three standard resume formats: chronological, functional and combination (or hybrid). The chronological format (also known as the reverse-chronological) is the most popular resume format and emphasizes work history.

What type of resume do employers now prefer? ›

Employers typically prefer a classic reverse-chronological resume that starts with your most recent positions and goes backward. As far as what to put on a resume, recruiter expect to see the following sections: Resume header. Resume summary or resume objective.

How much does a resume genius cost? ›

How much does Resume Genius cost?
No plan, download the document as a text fileFree
14-day Trial*$2.95
Monthly Plan$7.95 (billed annually at $95.40)
*Will auto-renew after the trial period

Is it worth paying for a resume builder? ›

Paying someone to write your resume sounds like a great idea, but is it worth the money? The answer is a dashing “YES.” Your resume is one of the most important documents that determines if an employer will take notice of you and call for an interview.

What is the disadvantage of resume builder? ›

Disadvantages of Using a Resume Builder

Although these templates might be versatile, they come with certain design constraints. This means you may not be able to position elements exactly where you want them or might be limited in how you can visually represent information..

How many pages should a resume be in 2024? ›

While resume length depends on several factors, resumes should typically be between one to two pages and no longer than three. Like almost every fad, resume length isn't without debate.

What will make your application stand out from other applicants? ›

7 ways to stand out from the crowd
  • Add a personal touch. ...
  • Do your research. ...
  • Start doing the job already. ...
  • Make use of your other skills and experience. ...
  • Show your creativity. ...
  • Show some grit and resilience. ...
  • Demonstrate a growth mindset.

How does a resume set you apart from other applicants? ›

Make a list of your strengths – List your qualifications on a resume and compare it against the requirements. Pick a few strengths, qualities, and other experiences relevant to the role you're applying for. It would also be beneficial if you discuss achievements at your previous workplaces.

What makes your resume stand out from the rest? ›

Instead of just listing your past responsibilities, make your CV stand out by emphasizing your results, using quantifiable data to show your accomplishments. So for example, instead of saying “I helped to increase social media engagement for Company X”, write “I increased social media engagement by 38% for Company X”.

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